Miriam ben-haim

Miriam ben-haim Born in Bucharest, Romania, lives now in Tel Aviv, Israel. A member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors in Israel, now called "Impact", since 1991.

Ben Haim was awarded two prizes in an international competition in Stockholm for miniatures and graphic works. 
Curator and Exhibition manager in the Bible Museum Tel-Aviv for over eight years. Curator for various artists at other locations.
"Miriam Ben Haim shares qualities in common with Jasper Johns, particularly his 'maps' series. However, Ben Haim's alterations of found imagery are often more imaginative, and their intimate scale, combined with their intricacy, lends them a more concentrated visionary intensity.
Along with her works on aerial photographs, Ben Haim also shows a splendid series of pastels inspired by the desert near her home. These are created on hand made paper, incorporating fibers from plants found on that selfsame desert. The sympathy between the materials and the imagery lend these works their own peculiar poetic resonance."

Artspeak, N.Y.