Urban Tel Aviv
She confronts past and present, old and new and ancient and modern. In her art she uses transposition of different elements which is more common in graphics and cartography. The use of air photographs enhances the urban aspect of Tel-Aviv. She draws on a transparent sheet and puts it on an image photographed by her. This enables her to create encounters between different periods reflecting the changes in several key sites in Tel-Aviv.Some of the encounters are:  Herzliya High School on the background of Shalom Tower, the old municipality building on top of the new one, 3 old buildings and a new one in Nave Zedek, Mugrabi Cinema at the background of the parking lot and old buildings in Shderot Rothschild with the new buildings there.
Dr. Dalia Hakker-Orion

The Negev
The decorative landscapes which are a wide panorama of desert scenes is not intended to deal with the detailed visual description, this is an art work that is entirely an expression of the soul.Going out ino the landscape means departing for some place where I conduct a poetic dialogue with my environment, and those wide spaces encourage me to enter into the magical corners inside them.The original paintings were painted on special paper manual manufactured using Israeli plants which grow in the Negev.

Combination of Arial photography in the works of Miriam Ben Haim.
One of the original techniques prevailing in the works of Miriam Ben Haim is the use of arial photographs as a background of her drawings. The photos give a unique rich textural quality to the works. The color scale is restricted to different use of blues, greens, orange and brown. The restraint in colors enhances the textural qualities derived from covering parts of the photos on the one hand and stressing other parts. A combination of contradictions between light and dark and covered and uncovered areas creates impressive sceneries, including urban and natural elements. The subjects include Arial views, urban scenes between other of Jerusalem seen from above and frontal views from short distance of houses and trees in Tel-Aviv.
Dr Dalia Hakker-Orion